Some people can be real jerks. I have to live with jerks. Every where I go there is at least one jerk. Me personally I try (not that hard though) to not say anything. Other times I let everything out. Its better to say it than to keep it all bottled up inside. Some people would disagree with that but hey whose blog and opinion is this after all? MINE IT’S MY BLOG SO COMMENT HOWEVER YOU PLEASE TO JUST KNOW I’M GOING TO COMMENT BACK AND IT MAY NOT BE PRETTY JUST SAYING.So people can be real jerks but they can be so much more as well.They can be traders,liars,cheaters,criminals,ect the list goes on and on and on. THIS WORLD IS A DISGRACE TO THE UNIVERSE! People who are close to you are the one’s that you need to look out for because they know your every weakness and can use them against you.


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